When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth.    Frank Lloyd Wright, architect, designer, writer 

Wood used in railway ties and rail is a source for transportation of wood, Courtland, Tennessee

 Courtland, Tennessee: wood used in railway ties, and rail is a source for the transportation of wood


Logging truck, Greenville, North Carolina Logging, Bellingham, Washington Jone's Falls, Ontario: large pipes built mostly of wood (1930s) carry water to nearby communities Apples, central California Workers harvesting grapes, central California
Almond grove, central California Lumber yard, Redwood Forest, northern California Cedar, Spruce and Pine are the most popular trees milled for lumber to build North American homes. Balcony: Airdrie, Alberta Northern White Cedar and  fence, Cowechan Bay, B.C. Ferry dock Bridge, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
Sugar Maple, Jone's Falls, ON: source for Maple syrup and quality furniture lumber Ginkgo (Medicinal), Roanoke, Virginia Palm oil seeds, Ajijic, Mexico Pecans, Dallas, Texas Cashews, Costa Rica
Wooden boat, Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica Nag's Head Beach pier, The Outer Banks, North Carolina Plymouth, North Carolina: Civil war ships docked here, both Northern and Southern troops Ship structure detail, Cowechan Bay, Vancouver Island, BC Ship structure detail, Cowechan Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Tree farm, western Nebraska Orange grove, central California Malaca,Malaysia lumber yard Coconut Palm, Costa Rica Palm plantation near Carara Biological Reserve, Costa Rica: palm oil exports
Farmville, North Carolina: abandoned, old railroad in the heart of cotton and tobacco farms Railroad tracks, Courtland, Virginia Coal shipment, Childress, Texas Shipments of sawdust for Pulp Mill, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada Pulp Mill, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada
Apricot trees, central CA My Dad milling lumberfor carved doors and beds, ON Canada Door detail, hand-carved Butternut by Jim Drury Tree farm, Kentucky Tree farm, Kentucky

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