“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is now.”

Chinese Proverb


CN Tower, Edmonton, Alberta

CN Tower, Edmonton, Alberta

Santa Cruz, California Chicago, Illinois John Hancock building, Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Canadian Parliament buildings, Ottawa, Ontario
Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri - Ginkgo Kansas City, Missouri - old city bus on display Kansas City, Missouri
BOK Center, sports arena in Tulsa, Oklahoma Ginkgo, Birmingham, Alabama Foil balloons, Washington, DC Leadership Square, Oklahoma City, USA Mulberry mimics background architecture,, Victoria, B.C. Oak, Baltimore, Maryland
Sycamore, Seattle Space Needle, Washington Large Cedar, downtown Baltimore, Maryland St. Louis Arch, Missouri Ginkgo, downtown Roanoke, Virginia Pythian Building, Tulsa, Oklahoma Grackles in trees, downtown Dallas, Texas
Roanoke, Virginia Methodist Church cedars Sycamore, apartment builging in San Jose, California Market Center, Dallas, Texas Condos Uptown Dallas, TX Canadian Parliament buildings, Ottawa, Ontario Canadian Parliament buildings roof profile, Ottawa, Ontario
Sycamore - San Jose, California Train station, Dallas Texas Redbuds, Hwy 121 Fort Worth, Texas Pigeon nesting site on wood telephone pole, Birmingham, Alabama Jacaranda in bloom, Easter, Chapala, Mexico Chapala, Mexico
St. Louis, Missouri - Ginkgo Biloba tree Palm, San Francisco, CA Sycamore and conifers, San Francisco, CA Ficus and other ornamentals line streets of San Francisco, CA Chinese Elm, San Francisco, CA Madison, Wisconsin
State Capitol, Raleigh, North Carolina Magnolia in bloom, Baltimore Maryland Leaves falling, November in Denton, Texas Maple, mid-December downtown Edmonton, Alberta Downtown Washington, DC cedar_white_pine_coppell_tx01

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