Looking Up


“The true meaning of life is to plant trees,¬†under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

Nelson Henderson, Author, poet


Alstonia angustiloba, Singapore Botanical Gardens

Alstonia angustiloba, Singapore Botanical Gardens


Bougainvillea climbing a 50 ft. Palo Verde tree, Ajijic, Mexico Spruce - Ottawa, Ontario Large old Oak, January in Coppell, TX White Pine - Nepean, ON, Canada Cactus tree, foothills, Sierra Madres Mountains, Mexico
Plum blossoms, Hillsboro OR Bigleaf Maple flowers, Beaverton OR Cape Meares, OR Cape Meares, OR Oregon White Oak, Beaverton OR
Eastern Redbud, older tree revealing inner cinnamon colored bark - Coppell, Texas. American Indians used extracts from the bark and roots were used as medicine Pine, the dominant trees in the Sierra Madres mountains, southwestern Mexico Netleaf Hackberry, Coppell, TX Longleaf Pine - Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. Unidentified large flowering tree, could be Cassia, at a tree nursery in Ajijic, Mexico
Cormorants, White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas Massive Cactus tree flourishing in southwestern Mexico Oaxaca Pine, Sierra Madres Mountains, Mexico Grackles, Coppell, Texas Golden Threads - unidentified golden-yellow vines draped in the trees -Chapala, Mexico
Pecan tree, Raleigh, NC Palm and fruit, southwestern Mexico Looking Up - Chapala, Mexico Egrets nesting in Jacaranda trees, Chapala, Mexico Myrtle seedpods - Lewisville, TX

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