Fruit, berries and nuts

“Do not be afraid to go out on a limb – that’s where the fruit is.”



Peach farm in Cornelius, Oregon

Peach farm in Cornelius, Oregon


Papaya fruit and seeds Papaya - Chapala, Mexico Banana tree growing at an apartment complex in Iriving, Texas Green bananas, Chapala, Mexico
Cashews, Costa Rica Oak acorns, Pioneer Cemetery, Dallas, TX Pecan nuts - Dallas, Texas Crabapple, Stony Plain, Alberta
Apple - cross section Grapefruit - cross section Lemon - cross section Mango skin and flesh
Palm, tree nursery in Ajijic, Mexico Oil Palm seeds - Ajijic, Mexico Unidentified, Coppell, Texas Ash berries, Coppell, Texas
Sassafras, Coppell, Texas Crab apple, Dallas Texas Bottle brush, Rocky Mount, North Carolina Elderberry,Madison, Wisconsin
Cotoneaster, Irving, Texas Cotoneaster, Irving, Texas Holly berries, Lewisville, Texas Holly berries, January, NE Texas
Peaches, Lewisville, Texas Orange, Central California Orange on the grove grounds,  Central California Utah Juniper berries, Sedona, Arizona

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