Side Streets

If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.

Hal Borland, American author


Saginaw, Michigan - one stop shop

 One-stop-shop in Saginaw, Michigan, US: Gas station, Dollar Store,

Law Office, liquor store, check-cashing, pizza


Grand Rapids, Michigan - Maple Santa Rosa, California Side street and city bus, Singapore Brooklyn, Iowa Chicago, Illinois
East Greenville district, Dallas TX Roger's Pass, B.C., Canada California Fig, San Francisco, CA Brick wall built around tree, Ajijic, Mexico White birch coordinates store, Victoria, BC
Memphis Tennessee, abandoned church. Sumac  are among the first trees to spring up on abandoned properties. Springfield, Illinois abandoned factory roof tree growth Memphis Tennessee, abandoned factory Peru, Illinois Kansas City, Missouri
Grand Rapids, Michigan Ilwaco, Washington: fallen tree has adapted and kept growing Julius W. Hageler 1st historic home, Oglesby Illinois Kansas City, Missouri Chicago, Illinois
Leggy Cedar topiary, Shreveport, Louisiana Oak, Alexandria, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia Unusual topiary, Bakersfield, California Madison, Wisconsin
Neighborhood Magnolia tree, Ajijic, Mexico Purple wall/fence, razor wire, Chapala, Mexico Beaver carving, Hope, B.C. Totem wood carving, Hope, B.C. Rooftop, Guadalahara, Mexico
Chapala, Mexic: painted trunks for traffic safety Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C. Planning is important, Revelstoke, B.C. New growth on front yard pine, Tulsa, Oklahoma Chimney growth, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Ash, October, Taos, New Mexico Palm outside Uptown Dallas restaurant, Texas Lucky home owner, Phoenix Arizona Norfolk Island Pine, southern Mexico Oak, Kingston, Ontario
Cedar, Raleigh, North Carolina Westside Baltimore, Maryland Bodie Island Lighthouse, North Carolina Tree on roof, condemned motel, Childress, TX Back alley, San Francisco, California
  Whyte Ave., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Sunset, Bakersfield, California Childress, Texas, huge tornado-risk zone  

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