The Man Who Planted Trees

Red Oak acornsAuthor Jean Giono writes of a quiet man of admirable character who lives alone and quietly plants trees every day in the south of France during the early twentieth century. The narrative, alongside beautifully orchestrated music, and every detail of the animated vignette draws us in to believe that we each can make a difference in this world, and it need not be austentatious or with a motive to attain personal recognition for our efforts.

The 30 minute animated film was illustrated by french Canadian Artist Frederic Back, who won numerous awards for the work between 1987 and 1992 and shown on Canadian television’s National Film Board Vignettes. To see examples of a few of Frederic Back’s illustrations from this film and learn more about his career, click here.

Copies of this highly acclaimed film can be purchased online in a set of four of his best known works for CDN $42.99 – click here.

School teachers can obtain copies of this short film at a much better rate by phoning (Canada):

1-(514)-597-7986 or 1-(514)-597-3761 or Fax 1-(514)-597-3761

or write to:

Gregoria Mundele, Conseiller, Ventes Institutionnelles, Sales Consultant, Education Services educatifs, Merchandising Division, Societe Radio-Canada-CBC, C.P. 6000 , Succursale A, Montreal, Quebec H3C 3A8 Canada

An alternative version of The Man Who Planted Trees illustrated with woodcuts is available as books, audio, video, and cassettes is obtainable through Chelsea Green Publishing.

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